1940s wooden four-blade propeller clock


A genuine four-bladed laminated wood propeller, c.1940s, retro-fitted with a dashboard clock by Smiths, from the same era.

The hub is stamped with the DRG number T29505/2, and 11220.

Bob Gardner from the forum gives the following information about this propeller:

a winch propeller from a target tug aircraft, most probably a WW2 aircraft. When not in use it rested inside the fuselage of the aircraft.

The aircraft towed the target drogue off the ground and when required for target practice, this prop was lowered into the airstream to provide the power for the winch which let out the drogue quite a long distance behind the aircraft; at least several hundred yards; sometimes nearly a mile.

The letter T on the drawing number indicates the authority that designed it, the Royal Aircraft Establishment.

The mechanical clock is bezel wound, and has a pull-out knob at the front to set the hands.

It is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.


Ref: SAR229

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